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Things to Remember When Sourcing Your Hemp-Derived Ingredients

Ensure that the lab you are working with is registered with the CDPHE (Department of Public Health and Environment) in the state they are operating in. You have access to these lists right on google. Make sure you do your homework and look it up. 

Here is a link to the CDPHE approved source list:


If any information is redacted, don't purchase through that source! This is so important because you need traceability into where your product is coming from. You should have all the information on the lab and product kept for every batch you buy. If you need to trace back to the raw ingredient for any reason then you have all the information on file. That is a best practice.   


Reliability is huge. When someone tells you they can get something it is important that they follow through. If someone says you will have product Wednesday and Friday comes and "it is in the final stage of production" or maybe "still waiting on the COA to come back from the testing lab" BEWARE! Usually that is a fancy way of saying they aren't ready and the lack of transparency in what is actually happeing may be a red flag. Trust your gut. If it feels off it probably is. 


If you are sourcing product in Denver County it is required that you have a letter from the DDPHE (Denver Department of Public Health and Environment) saying that the product is shelf stable. That means that through the process of distillation the oil is heated to a certain temperature, which ensures dangerous bacteria is killed. This is required of anyone purchasing in Denver. This is something you would ask the lab for and they should be able to provide it if they have it. If you are not in Denver it is important to check with the city you are in and what is required of you. Always keep that info somewhere on file for easy access.


Know where the hemp is coming from that makes your ingredients. It is important that the hemp used to make your product is purchased from a legal source. That starts the chain of custody and if the lab doesn't have a license on file for the hemp they purchased then you can pretty much assume compliance is not something that lab cares that much about. 

If you are buying Smokeable Flower or Biomass make sure you are asking the farm for their CDA (Colorado Department of Agriculture) license. This is also a list you can google to ensure the farm is registered. 


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